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We love to showcase the amazing artists Idaho has to offer, here are the great folks that we work with along with links to their products.

Elaine Burns

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Carolyn Henslee

Put a needle and thread in Carolyn’s hands and just about anything can happen from creating a wedding dress to upholstering a chair! However, her true love is quilting. Her sewing room is filled with scraps and ideas just waiting to become one more of Carolyn’s masterpieces. Creating unique items from vintage linens and doilies is another of her favorite pastimes. To make “something from nothing” gets those creative juices flowing, and she does it well.

Ross Henslee

I live in Glenn’s Ferry and moved here to retire.   I loves to refurbish items and tinker with lamps, wood stains and white washing item.  I like to work with barn wood and build rustic furniture pieces such as small cabinets and shelving.  Mostly I just like to tinker with things.

June Peterson

June Peterson grew up living a pioneer lifestyle in rural North Dakota. Spending her childhood on a farm without modern conveniences, she drew from first hand experienced to create many of the characters and places described in “Sometimes God Whispers”.
Having moved 35 times following her husband’s career, she understands being the new person in a community, finding friends, and often wondering if this is really what God had in mind for her.
She currently resides at her bed and breakfast, River Road’s, in King Hill, Idaho.

Vicki Smith

Let me introduce myself: Vicki Smith from King Hill, Idaho. I work with those tiny little beads with even tinier little holes doing all types of “off the loom” bead weaving. By using several different types of stitches such as peyote, brick, square, herringbone, ladder and right angle stitches I am able to create unique, one of a kind jewelry items. Earrings are my favorite pieces to make as they work up quickly, but I also create necklaces and bracelets. I’ve previously worked in several three dimensional mediums such as clay, fabric weaving, embroidery and doll making, but when I walked into a bead shop in Fairbanks, Alaska thirty years ago and saw all those beautiful, every color in the world, shanks of beads hanging on the wall I was love at first sight. I haven’t become bored with it yet! There’s always something new to try.

R.D. Mullis

My wife and I moved to Idaho from Oregon in 1994. I retired from my job with the City of Glenns Ferry in 2019 to care for his wife. Over the years, I wrote a number of Bible studies. Writing was never on the radar for me, but I was encouraged by others to put my teaching notes into a book form. The Gospel of John, Flesh and Bone are just a few of the books I have published. They can be found on Amazon or at The Calico Cupboard.

Larry Wetsch

Born and raised a country boy in North Dakota, I began wood working by refinishing old furniture. Since then I have become interested in cutting boards, coasters, and other small wood items. I learned precision from my quilting mother. I use a variety of woods to make cutting boards with patterns to enhance your kitchen.

Connie Kimble

I am 81 years old.
I raised 4 children without benefit of a child support nor welfare. I worked 21 years as a waitress/car hop, 10 years farm labor; milked cows, moved chickens, 2 ½ years as a long-distance truck driver, 33 years on the kill floor of a beef packing house. I held down extra part-time jobs and sold hand made items since 1967. I didn’t retire form punching a clock until 2017 because of failing health. I now do farmers markets and craft shows to stay busy.

Denice Wurdinger

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Sue Santa

I have lived from the tundra to the tropics and everywhere in between. I now call small town Glenns Ferry, Idaho my home chosen for its unique lifestyle.

My simple knitted scarves and various sized floral arrangements are crafted with a focus on one-of-a-kind creations. Playing with color, texture, and shape intrigues me. Bringing some light and joy to others motivates me to share these pieces.

Carol Cowles

As a disabled individual, I have found many things to keep me occupied over the last twenty years. My beading hobby began with creating flowers. I was allergic to blooming things but still loved having that beauty around me. From there I expanded to beading three-dimensional birds which look incredibly realistic. I also make wire-wrapped jewelry. 


My newest venture is natural remedies that I make and sell at our local Farmer’s Market during the summer at Long Camp RV park near Kamiah, Idaho. I also make jellies and natural tea. Stop by if you are in the area.

Kathy Boothe

My artistic and crafting journey began early in my life.  My mother was an accomplished knitter, crocheter and seamstress.  My father made amazing things out of old junk and scrap lumber.  I spent every minute I could watching his skill and imagination morph into delightful creations.  He was also a talented landscape artist and loved cartooning.   As I grew older, I adapted many of his unique methods into my own style and incorporated those talents taught to me by my mother to crochet, sew, and decorate cakes.

My mother was an antique jewelry dealer.  I learned a great deal from her.  My preference though, is to create new costume jewelry pieces. Often I will incorporate vintage pieces into the new pieces and restore and upgrade damaged pieces.

Creating jewelry with polymer clay is a new venture for me, as is working with alcohol inks.  I hope to be showing some of those pieces soon.  I have always loved the beauty, colors and textures of nature and try to incorporate that love into various projects.

Thank you to those who have purchased my pieces and to Calico Cupboard for providing a venue.  All my sale monies go to Compassion Radio’s “Bibles for China” program.

Anna Mullis

I decided to give writing a try when I could no longer work because of a disability. Where my husband, Randy, writes teaching books, I write novels. My travels throughout the west led to a stories set in the 1800’s and are filled with fun and mystery.

Jerry Peterson

I have used a turning lathe most of my life. The one I use now belonged to my father so has been in the family for two generations. I do wood working of various sorts, but enjoy making writing pens on the turning lathe right now. I use various types of wood, antlers, and some acrylic. All the pens are refillable and unique in their own way.

Susan Case

I have always loved to write. Music, poetry, short stories, magazine articles and then books! My father was a police officer, hence my love of mysteries. Add that to a mother who was very creative and it was inevitable that I would write mystery novels. The first in the series, That’s A Dead One Alright, is set in a small town very similar to Glenns Ferry where I reside. The sequel is When Samantha Screams, with a third book out soon.

Jody Askew

My name is Jody Avery Askew. When I was born we lived in a little community called Milo in Bonneville county. I had so many family members in that community that I thought everyone was my aunt, uncle or cousin. I grew up playing under the current quilt my aunts were working on. My mother is 83 and still crochets and knits beautifully. I guess my talent was inherited but it came later in life to me. From my father I learned to never quit and keep trying until I mastered what I set out to do. I started to crochet seriously when my kids started playing school sports, (before that I hated sitting still.)  I needed something to do on the long drives. We lived in a very rural small school district and everywhere was a long drive. My up cycled projects, I blame on my husband. He can make something out of nothing and he taught me things. I wish I had more time but today I am teaching my grandchildren so maybe the family talents will continue.

Carol Knudsen

I was born and raised in Boise. Graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in education. After graduation, I accepted a temporary job at American Cleaning Service as a receptionist. Forty two years later I retired as the comptroller of the company. My mother taught me to embroider when I was about eight years old. Her motto was “you don’t slap crap on fabric if you’re going to put your name on it”. It took years of practice before the needle and thread accomplished that goal.

Cindy Gallagher

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Marsha Sellers

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Heidi Hersey

I love upcycling; I love to find a treasure and see what it tells me it wants to be. Thinking outside the box is a fun activity. As a bookkeeper for my day job, I enjoy puzzle solving, its how my mind works. I look forward to more treasure hunting and bringing more finished projects to the store front my God provided.

Kristina Thompson

I started Krylee’s Kreations because I have been crocheting since I was 18 years old. I started crocheting sweaters in college. I started crocheting hats when my son’s grandmother had cancer. The character hats came about when my then 6-year-old daughter fell in love with the different designs we found. From Mickey Mouse to Minions to Grinch’s and more, I love to create and watch them come alive.

Odessa Ketelsen

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Gary & Michelle C. Will

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Nathan Barth

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Kevin Clark

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Kurtis Workman

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Carol Gray

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Rex Hamilton

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Linda Littrell

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Merry Jo Hersey

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Shannon Gorringe

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